Saturday, 13 August 2016

Borrow Data From MTN with MTN ExtraByte

MTN just launched a new service plan called MTN Extabyte, this service allows any registered mtn user to borrow Data plan at their convenience. The new extrabyte allow eligible active customers to borrow Data on credit, which they are expected to pay back on their next recharge.

  1. You can borrow data from Extrabyte once you are eligible, even if you have an outstanding loan that you are yet to pay back, and you can also borrow airtime if you are eligible, even if you have an outstanding data loan that you are yet to pay back. As long as your credit balance is within the credit limit.
  2. The borrowed Data will be credited to a special Extrabyte account, not your usual data account
  3. To pay back the borrowed Data, Mtn will automatically deduct your airtime (equivalent to the price of the borrowed data) from your main account when next you recharge. Or when your account is being credited via share N sell.
  4. Each eligible customer is allowed to borrow Extrabyte data as many time as they want as long as you have no outstanding Extrabye debt.
Summary of ExtraByte Table

  • To check if you are eligible for MTN Extrabyte data service, Simply dial *606# then select 1 from the pop up menu
  • To borrow Data from Extrabyte, your sim must must comply with  the following criteria below:
    1. Your Sim must be registered
    2. Your Sim must be have active on the network for at least 3 months 
    3. Your main Account balance must not be higher than (N0.00 and N12). I.e between N0.00 and N12.

    1. 10MB
    2. 30MB
    3. 100MB
    4. 200MB
    5. 750MB

    To borrow, Dial *606# and follow the prompt message appropriately

    To check your borrowed Megabyte balance, dial *606#, then select check balance.

    That's all. Cheers!

    If you have any questions or suggestions, kindly drop them in tje Comments Box below. We will  get back to you immediately.

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