Wednesday, 10 August 2016

HP unveiled a backpack that is capable of charging your laptop, tablet, as well as smartphone.

HP just revealed its new Powerup Backpack which is capable of charging your smartphone up to 10 times. The new canvas backpack has a huge (22,400mAH) battery. Its more effective than most powerbanks because it's far fashionable, it's speedy and it's mobile. The company claims that the backpack provides a full charge to most HP laptops and also charges a tablet up to three times, and a smartphone up to 10 times.

The HP canvas powerpack is much like your everyday PC backpack, but has a powerbank interior that charges your laptop even while you are on the road. As a way of protecting your laptop and the powerpack from rain, the bag comes with a rain coat.The Powerup Backpack also lets you control the order in which your devices charge.

The powerpack also comes with a built-in heat sensor which monitors the temperature. To make sure the bag doesn't get too hot.The bag also has a side-pocket plug-in makes the backpack easy to recharge.

The HP backpack Cost $199 only.This includes two USB micro cables for Android devices and one laptop cable.The bag is currently available for pre-order on Amazon.The bag is set to be released worldwide by October 1.

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